It’s no secret that if my 12 year old had never been born, the humor content on this blog would drop by roughly 83.2%.  His random observations about life prove that he is not like the rest of us.  He is…what’s a nice way to say this?…an honor roll student with an airheaded personality.

But a sweet airheaded personality.  So don’t judge me.

Here’s the conversation I overheard last night:

Austin [running out of his room at bedtime]: My short are making SPARKS!

Merriem: They’re what?

Austin:  SPARKS!  They’re making SPARKS!  When I got in bed and pulled the covers up, there were blue sparks everywhere!

Merriem: That’s just static.  It’s fine.  Go to bed.

Austin: But it’s SPARKS!

Merriem: I know.  It’s static.  The lights were off, so you saw sparks in the dark.  Go to bed.

Austin: But what if I catch on fire?

Merriem: The only way you’ll catch on fire is if you’re smoking in bed.

Austin: Wow.  Can I?