Easter has rolled around again.  It’s going to be a crazy insane week around our church offices as we prepare.  But I’m as excited as I can be.  Here’s why:

  • Hundreds of first time guests will experience the Summit for the first time. We’ll have a chance to make a great first impression, to show them that church (and church people) doesn’t have to be as weird as they thought, and start building lifetime relationships.
  • Hundreds of people will meet Jesus. Pastor J.D. is bringing the gospel in a big way.  We’re praying that the Holy Spirit will move.  We know that the power of the resurrection can defeat the graves that we’ve dug for ourselves.
  • Hundreds of volunteers will step up. I said, hundreds of volunteers will step up.  That means you!  We want you, we need you, we can use you.  Sign up on the SummitRDU website.

If you think about it this week, pray for your church staff.  Pray for Pastor J.D.  Pray that the details will get covered, stuff will run smooth, and nothing will blow up.  See you this weekend.