This one goes out to my Summit peeps.

This weekend, many of us experienced what could be a game-changer for our marriages.  Whether Dr. Tripp’s teaching was brand new information for you or simply a good reminder of what you know to be true, I believe that Summit marriages have the opportunity to move to the next level.  I think that we’re better equipped to understand the role the gospel should play in our relationships.  I know that what we heard can certainly inform what we do.

But much of that depends on what you do with today.

On Friday and Saturday, you’d be hard-pressed to find a couple that wasn’t actively practicing what they were hearing.  Men were on their best behavior; wives were the picture of patience and grace.  Everywhere you looked you saw couples giggling, arms around shoulders, pecks on the cheek, hey-we-do-that glances during the sessions.

But that was Friday and Saturday.  Nearly anyone can practice what they’re hearing preached while it’s being preached.  This is today.  And what you do with today will make the difference.

Today is the day that the kids have to be back on the school bus.  Today’s the day that the toast will burn.  Today is the day that your boss will be unreasonable and the grocery budget will be blown and the doctor will keep you waiting and dinner will be late.

So what will you do with today?

Will you fall back to old habits and patterns, taking an “I knew it wouldn’t last” approach?  Will you forget about grace and instead seek justice for how you’ve been wronged?  Will you shelve your conference notes beside dozens of others, and file what you’ve learned in the recesses of your brain?

What will you do with today?

If the weekend’s workshop becomes Monday’s memory, then you wasted your weekend.  But if the conference’s takeaways become tangible action steps, you’re on the road to a great marriage.

So pull out those notes.  Recapture those moments.  And determine that this so-called game-changer really will change the game.

Your marriage can be centered on the gospel, but it depends on what you do with today.