First things first: tomorrow is Saturday.  You know, Saturday: that day that many Americans view as their very own God-given right to sleep in late, have brunch at a little bistro-style restaurant with a name like Crepe Diem (literally, “Day of the Thin Pancake”), and fold your socks.

But for this Saturday, let me encourage you to put the socks on hold and get the crepes to go.  Because this Saturday is Frontline at the Brier Creek Campus.

This Saturday is for every current and potential volunteer in the Summit Kids and First Impressions teams, and for potential vols on the Production team.  If you are serving – or are interested in serving – at the Brier Creek AM or PM or Cole Mill campuses, we need you there.

Here’s reality: last Sunday we had nearly 2700 people at the Brier Creek AM Campus (a 41% increase from the same Sunday last year).  Statistics say that this coming Sunday will be much bigger than that, and the numbers will stay at the 2700 range from now until Easter.

So we need you.  We need you to greet guests.  We need you to love on kids.  We need you to run cameras, flip switches, and wear cool headsets.

Summit, this is your time to shine.  If you’re not serving, you may just be squandering the gifts God has given you.  Please – come to Frontline.  You can find more information here.