Every Friday this fall is a shout-out to our First Impressions Team.  If you’re not on the team, you don’t have to read it.  But face it: you’re so loaded up on tryptophan you can’t even click the mouse, can you?  So read it, already.

In this week of gratitude, it’s important to note that we should always thank our guests.  Whenever I make a phone call to one of our first-time guests, I always personally thank them for visiting.  They could have attended anywhere else on Sunday.  Heck, they could have slept in.  But by walking through our front doors, they honored us with their presence.

That gratitude isn’t limited to phone calls.  We thank our guests by gifting them, by sending them notes, and by inviting them back for a second visit.  We thank them by being prepared for them, by making sure our facility is worship-ready, by making sure all distractions are removed.

But none of those actions take the place of a good, old-fashioned, out-loud, spoken “thank you.”  Thank you for coming.  Thank you for being with us today.  Thank you for picking the Summit!

This weekend, find a guest.  Get to know them.  Discover their story.  And say thank you.