This one goes out to my small group peeps.

As a guy who is 600 miles away from our closest family, I’m grateful for you.  The Franks crew didn’t travel for Thanksgiving, but just the same, we’ll be experiencing “home” today: we’ll gather with several of you other refugees from our group, eat a little turkey, watch a little football, and catch up on each other’s lives.

I couldn’t imagine life in a church the size of the Summit if I couldn’t do that life with you on a regular basis.  This place is too big not to have a small group.  Thanksgiving would likely consist of me and my family trying to figure out how not to dry out the turkey, or possibly me trolling for an invitation from a family within the church.

But with you guys, the family is built in.  Some of us have spent the last few years building that family with each other.  Some of us are recent additions, and today is the day where we go deeper in that relationship.  We’ve laughed together, cried together, studied together, prayed together, grown together, and today we feast together.

If I can’t be home with my own family, there’s nothing I’d rather do today than hang out with you.  Thanks for being a part of my life!

If you’re not in a small group…see what you’re missing?  Find one today.