Okay blog peeps, I need some help.  As many of you know, I run another little bloggity blog in another corner of cyberspace.  Over on that blog I’m working on a somethin’-somethin’ that will debut in the next couple of weeks.  But to make it fly, you’ve got to step up to the plate.

So here’s the question:

If you could ask a Summit staff member anything, what would it be?

Questions can fall along the lines of the theological (“Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?”) to vocational (“What would you do if you weren’t on a church staff?”) to impractical (“Paper or plastic?”).  You can ask them of a particular staff member (here’s your list of choices) or throw it out there to be randomly assigned.

Start commenting below, and watch for your questions to pop up in the next few weeks.  But on that other blog.  Not this one.  Because I don’t answer questions here.

And no, you can’t ask me why.