In a church our size, there are plenty of opportunities to do plenty of things.  Big things.  Small things.  Expensive things.  Free things.  Hard things.  Easy things.  Things, things, and more things…

“Would you partner with our ministry to dig wells in East Africa?”

“Can we pass out brochures for the upcoming volunteer fire department fundraiser?”

“I want to start a ministry for left handed, hazel eyed Libertarians.  Get me started.”

Because of our size, it’s easy to assume we should say “yes” to as many things as possible.  After all, we believe in African wells and volunteer firemen, and lefty Libbies are probably good folk.  But one thing I’ve learned is that too many “yeses” will always lead to “no.”

When the scope of our ministry is unclear, people will be leery to commit.

When the menu of choices is too broad, people simply won’t choose.

When the goals aren’t clearly defined and the “win” is hard to spot, people will get frustrated and jump ship.

For that reason, we’ve said that our purpose is to Love God, Love Each Other, and Love Our World. If a ministry or idea or program can fit under that umbrella, then we’ll likely say “yes.”  But if it muddies the picture…if it clouds the vision…then a “no” is the only reasonable answer we can give.

What are some of your “yeses” that should’ve been a “no”?