~sigh~  I’ve succumbed to being gimmicky on this blog and talking about what all other bloggers are talking about today.

Editor’s Note: You succumbed way before now.  Don’t kid yourself.

Today is 9.9.09.  What does that mean?  For one, it means that I was two hours and nine minutes later in posting today than I normally am, because I wanted to post at 9:09 on 9.9.09.  And just in case this is the REAL computer crash we’ve all been waiting for, I brought a big sack of grain to work with me.

It also means that…

  • Negative Germans have a lot to be thankful for.
  • People who stand on their heads while reading the Left Behind series will be freaked out all. Day. Long.
  • Our very own Pastor J.D. will be a part of The Nines Conference, which you can view free online here.
  • At 9:09 tonight, I plan to eat 9 of something.  Suggestions?
  • There are only 396 more days until I can succumb to gimmickry again.