This church is big.  (How big is it?)

  • It’s so big that when we buy coffee at B.J.’s people question whether we have our own coffee company (think about that one for a second…doesn’t make sense, does it?).
  • It’s so big that at our monthly staff meetings, we’ll start off with an intro time of the new faces.
  • It’s so big that when our small group leaders wear orange shirts on Sunday, they throw off the landing patterns at RDU.

But mostly, it’s so big that we’ve learned that people simply must be intentional when it comes to relationships.

Here’s the cool thing about relationships at the Summit: they’re available.  We’ve designed environments like Summit Small Groups and Starting Point and BC12 and First Time Guest Tents and age-appropriate ministries that all have one goal: to take people from larger groups to smaller, relational groups.

However, intentionality is a must on the part of our people.  If they don’t intend to get into a group, they won’t.  If they don’t intend to “have a friend, be a friend,” they won’t.  If they don’t intend to go deeper, they won’t.

Intentionality is a must-have for a church this size.  How about it?  How intentional are you in making a big church little?