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In a recent post I was probably a bit too harsh on some of the new social media. But in reality, I am amazed at what our e-mails and Twitters and interwebs will allow us to do…

  • I can communicate vision to an entire ministry (or an entire church…or fans of an entire movement) with two minutes of typing and hitting the “post” button on a blog.
  • I can turn on my phone and find out what some of America’s most influential pastors are reading, what conferences they’re attending, and even what they had for lunch (although honestly, that last one is still lame).
  • I can use the power of Skype to talk face to face – and pray with – some of our church planters located on the other side of the globe.
  • We can broadcast the gospel to the darkest parts of the earth through the uber-coolness of iTunes.

Does technology have its drawbacks? Certainly. But the church has done a pretty good job of redeeming technology for the kingdom of God. And that’s something that even Kip can get behind.