365 days.

That’s exactly how long it took from resolution #5 in this post to the announcement I bring you today:

I’m now on Twitter.

Before you protest too loudly, the truth is that I feel like a sellout.  No, it’s not a “professional” account (that’s what the @BrierCreekAM feed is for).  It’s simply a way to make random observations about life as I’m on the go.  Life in 140, if you will.

So here’s the deal: if you’d like to follow the Twitter feed, you have two options…

  1. Check here often and take a gander at the box on the right.  There it is, over there —>
  2. Sign up for your very own Twitter account, which involves the following steps:
  • Click the “Who Tweeted?” text over there —> (go on, click it!)
  • When the Twitter page pops up, click “Join today.”
  • Follow the prompts.
  • Promise never, ever, ever to tell me that you’re shopping at Target.  Or the mall.  Or eating cheese.
  • Or I will despise you.

My Twitter posts will likely be few and far between (but then again, you know how I am at promises like that.  Sheesh.  I’ll use them to update you on the randomness that’s called Danny in Real Life…that stuff that I can’t necessarily wait to blog about.  So come on, join me.  It’ll be fun.

Next stop: MySpace.

(just kidding)