Yes, I promised that I would begin posting today about the great Greece adventure, and yes I know posts normally pop up by 7 AM, but I’m not feelin’ it, and here’s why…

  1. For most people, jet lag makes them tired.  It makes me tired…and mean.
  2. Very mean.  As in, nobody-likes-to-be-around-me-mean.
  3. So mean that my wife called me out on it.  Which she should have.  
  4. Which stinks because she was on the same trip and she’s tired too.  
  5. But tired and nice, not tired and mean.
  6. So mean that I asked a couple of co-workers to pray for me today.
  7. And then wanted to critique their prayers.
  8. Because I’m mean.

I wonder if you could zap me ahead by seven hours (which is the time zone my body just got used to) if I would be less mean?  Perhaps it’s my body detoxing from the two-per-day Magic Bars I ate (it’s a Greek thing…you wouldn’t understand).

But for now, I am undeniably, unequivocally mean.  So I shall spare you any further snarkiness, and promise to post some (nice) Greece news…beginning tomorrow.