Okay, blog readers, it’s time to step up to the microphone.

Or the comment box.  Sorry, my middle kid has been listening to a lot of Newsboys lately and I’m having flashbacks.

I’m working on an upcoming project, and I need to know your worst job experience ever.  I’m talking the burrito-folding, Dwight-Shrute-desk-sharing, septic-tank-cleaning, absolute worst way to make a buck that you’ve ever suffered through.  Or through which you’ve ever suffered.  Or with which you have suffered thoroughly.  (Sorry, I also flashed back to one of my worst jobs working for my college’s English department.)

Heck yes, there are prizes.  Best (or worst) job story gets your choice of a best-selling book by the indubitable Dan Miller: 48 Days to the Work You Love or No More Mondays.  But here’s the caveat: you have to comment here.  No e-mail stories will be accepted.  And yes, you can make up your name, although you’ll want to let me know your real identity if you win, Miss Luv2PostAnonComments1971.  The contest runs through next Thursday, June 25, so get crackin’.

The fine print:

  • People who have won contests in the last 30 days are ineligible.
  • Adam and Lori, who both work for me, are ineligible, although they both have stories to tell.