Dang, people.  You know how to work a great cliffhanger.  

Ever since Friday morning, we’ve been sitting at 499 in the Who Will Be 500? giveaway.  Finally, at 4:17 PM Monday afternoon, #500 reared her head.  And the winner is…

[drum roll, please]

…a relative.

Yep, sister-in-law and über-funny blogger Kearsie Murphy cranked us to half-a-thousand comments and becomes the proud owner of Mark Waltz’s book Lasting Impressions.  I predict that it will take Merriem’s brother / Kearsie’s husband Lance exactly .021 seconds to snatch it out of her hands, so Kearsie, I owe you a Dub’s Burger next time we’re home.

And before any of you cry “foul” that a relative won the book, you need to know that I already tried to throw the contest by hinting heavily to Jon Lunn on Sunday morning that we were very very very VERY close to a winner nudge nudge wink wink.  So see?  I didn’t cheat the way you thought I cheated.  Nanny nanny boo boo.

Stay tuned for news on another giveaway, coming up Thursday!  (And don’t worry, I’ll limit Kearsie to one win every 30 days.)