Here’s an unexpected affirmation of a recent post, and also a shout out to the guy who found his way to this blog by typing “what if you think your wife is stupid” into Google.  Dude, I’m betting you need Jesus.

Wednesday night I heard a great interview with Andy Andrews, author of the mega-bestseller The Traveler’s Gift.  I’ve never read the book so I’m not necessarily endorsing (or not endorsing) it, but this statement was incredible:

The Traveler’s Gift…has sold millions of copies, is in twenty different languages around the world…but the dirty little secret of the book was that I couldn’t get it published.  Fifty one publishers turned it down over three and a half years…finally I realized that there’s gotta be somebody who is more powerful than the publisher, and there is.  That’s the publisher’s wife.  After three and half years, the first publisher’s wife I got the manuscript into her hands, after a week I had a deal.  She stayed up all night reading it, and he stayed up all night listening to her say, “Hey, listen to this part.”

I dig that story, because it highlights the fact that we owe far more to our wives than we realize.  Good job, anonymous publisher’s wife.  And good job, anonymous publisher, for listening to her.

If you’d like to hear the full interview, click here

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