I was reminded this week about the power of the Why.  We’ve talked about the Why here before, but this week was a fresh memory jog that you can never tell the story too much.

Pastor J.D. says that when you’re sick of repeating the vision, your people are just beginning to get it.  And since I’m sick of hearing him say that, maybe it means that his words have sunk deep into my skull.

Here’s why you have to continuously repeat the Why…

  • The Why gives credence to the What.  Without the Why, nobody really cares about the What.  They’ll fudge on the What.  They’ll cut corners on the What.  They’ll get so caught up in the What that they start doing things that the What never intended.
  • The Why reminds people the reason they serve.  The reason they give.  The reason they roll out of bed early on a Sunday morning.
  • Without the Why, people drift.  Visions fade.  Tensions rise.
  • A constant infusion of the Why almost guarantees that your organization’s DNA remains strong, that your people remain on board, and that your mission remains uncompromised.

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