indiv_promo_ad_250x250Last Wednesday I watched in fascination as millions of Americans took to the streets to participate in “tea parties” – their official stamp of disapproval on paying taxes.  I realized that if this pastor gig doesn’t work out, I’d really like to get a job designing tea party picket signs.  Those things are fun.

But I digress.

Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Calvinist*, you know that our economy has all the stability of a one-legged turkey on a pogo stick…one false move and that sucker is coming unglued.  The problem is, far too many of us have put our hope and trust in the condition of our checking account and 401(k)s.  

That’s why I’m a huge fan of a guy named Dave Ramsey.  If you don’t know Dave, he’s an internationally-known financial expert who has ridden the waves of a bad economy, and he came out on the other side with biblically-based strategies to get out of debt and develop a plan for financial stability.

This Thursday night, we’re joining over 6,000 other churches and organizations across the country to host Town Hall for Hope.  This will be a 90-minute, high-impact, high-energy event where Dave will inject some common sense into the bizarro world we call the national economy.  

Town Hall for Hope will be held at our Brier Creek Campus at 8:00 PM.  Be there – it’ll be a high-water mark in your financial life.  No childcare is provided.


*Just kidding.  It’s not a political party.  I think.