If  you haven’t read yesterday’s post yet, go ahead.  Read it.  I’ll wait…



(No, seriously.  It’ll be fun.)



Welcome back.  In case you’re not the saltiest french fry in the Happy Meal – or if your spiritual gift is gullibility – there is no gospel-centered coffee heading to the Summit Church anytime soon.  I haven’t started subscribing to the international edition of the Shepherd’s Guide, and you…

…well, you’ve been had.

Farmers’ Organization for Optimal Love?  You may know them better by their acronym, F.O.O.L.

As for the organization’s president?  Well, Mentiroso is Spanish for liar.  Mentiroso A. Príl?  Sounds like Liar April to me.  As in April Fool’s Day.

So to my co-worker who was (understandably) miffed that I wouldn’t communicate something of this magnitude to our staff before putting it on the blog…ha.

To another co-worker who wondered where the budget money was going to come from to pull off this project…ha ha

To the very kind First Impressions volunteer who drew an incredible amount of spiritual meaning out of the post and sent me a really sweet e-mail…I feel bad to do this, but ha ha ha.

And to my great admin assistant, who spent the entire day wondering when I was going to pull a prank on her and I said, “I already have,” and she was jittery the rest of the day…ha ha HA ha.

I would hope by now you as my readers would know that I’d never use a phrase like “Taste the gospel-centered difference.”  Puh-leeese.

Thanks for playing!