[Editor’s note: before you read this post, please take notice of two things:

1. It was originally penned on April 1. (APRIL. FIRST.)

2. And if “April 1” does nothing to jog your brain, you should definitely read the follow up post.

Okay, carry on.]

One of the Summit’s favorite “perks” ministry (pun intended!) is about to undergo a transformation.  Beginning later this month, the Coffee Bar at all of our campuses will rework our supply chain to make this particular ministry more gospel-centered.

This change began several months ago when I read about a new cooperative in Latin America, home to some of the highest-yielding coffee plantations in the world.  This new co-op is called “Farmers’ Organization for Optimal Love,” and while it’s admittedly a strange name, their mission is right on target.  The co-op brings together plantation owners who have converted to Christianity and want to spread the gospel through their vocation.  Part of the mission includes evangelizing the field workers in an effort to saturate the entire process with the gospel.

Here’s what co-op president Mentiroso A. Príl had to say in a press release:

“Our passion is not simply coffee, but the process behind the coffee.  From the planting to the harvest to the shipping of the beans, we want everything to shout, ‘This is Christian coffee!’  Each morning we begin with a devotional for all of our workers.  At most of our plantations, we broadcast Christian music on loudspeakers, so the workers can sing along with Chris Tomlin or Darlene Zschech as they go about their daily routine.  And while the coffee itself sadly cannot become Christian, the workers who pick the coffee certainly do!  It is our hope that as the coffee is eventually ‘baptized’ in percolators around the world, the love of Jesus will be felt as people enjoy their morning pick-me-up.”

I love Mr. Príl’s passion, and I’m told that the coffee taste itself rivals that of our current supplier, Dunkin’ Donuts.  While we’ve had much success with the Dunkin’ brand, the entire staff agrees that it’s in the best interest of the Summit’s “Love Our World” mentality to support this fledgling effort from our new friends in Latin America.

I’m looking forward to the changes, and I hope you are, too.  Watch for the new coffee to roll out within a couple of weeks, and see if you don’t taste the gospel-centered difference.