I wrote yesterday about my date night night with my wife over the weekend.  Today’s post is about the top-notch guest services that Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC) provided.

The experience from beginning to end was nothing short of spectacular.  Last Thursday I received an e-mail telling me about parking, area dining options, what time to arrive, etc.  At 3 PM yesterday I received an invitation to complete a guest satisfaction survey, which I did.  When we arrived on Sunday night, there were DPAC personnel everywhere, making sure we got where we needed to go.  The doors opened right on time, and we were handed off from one greeter to another until we arrived safe and sound at our seats.

We were in close proximity to a college-aged (or maybe just out of college) girl named Kim.  Or Amy.  I read her name tag, and I know it was a three-letter name.  Mia?  Anyway, Bea was part of the DPAC staff, and I started to offer her a Summit First Impressions job on the spot.  She was everywhere all at once.  High-energy.  Friendly.  Clear and direct when she answered a question.  And the greatest part of all…she anticipated each guest’s need.  When one particular guest was about to exit out the door they came in, Ann said, “If you happen to be looking for restrooms or the snack bar, you’d find it easier by heading straight up those steps.”

Friendly.  Anticipatory.  To the point.

I asked Merriem if she thought it would be weird if I got Meg’s attention and told her how impressed we were with her.  She didn’t balk at it, but Liz was doing a great job at doing her job, so I hated to interrupt.  I just sat and watched in awe as Eve confidently greeted each and every person that came through her door.

Her door.  It got to the point where I had the feeling that she had ownership in the place.  It was as if Bill Cosby’s performance would be a little less grand if she didn’t make the experience a great one for each and every one of her guests.

That’s a great example of an incredible first impression.  Thanks Dee, for a great show before the show.