Here’s the dealio: the Summit’s own J.D. Greear has found his way to the Southern Baptist Convention version of March Madness.  Right now he’s the #2 guy in the East Division, and all the Summit bloggers are banding together to try to stage an upset over some guy named Internet Monk (and let’s face it, unless he’s a Monk of the OCD detective variety, he shouldn’t win).

Before I go further, I should mention that if any of you are so inclined to say that the author the Connective Tissue blog has too much time on his hands, you should think long and hard about someone who has time to make up an entire March Madness craze based on church-related blogs.

But I digress.  Go check it out, and then vote by clicking on J.D.’s poll or – if you share an IP address with someone who has already voted – you’re gonna have to e-mail your vote to tony[at]  

Come on, team!  Let’s take J.D. all the way to state.

…or the national championships.  Because really, I don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to this stuff.  

*Believe me, the original title was much funnier and creative, but I was overruled by some co-workers.  But for a dollar I’ll tell you about it.