It’s hyperlink Friday. Click ’em if you got ’em!

  • When a guy has to ditch lunch plans at your favorite Chinese joint because he has a stomach bug, it’s best to take his word for it.  (Hope you’re feeling better, BG.)
  • There is never a way to make a 75 cent lunch taste like anything other than a 75 cent lunch.
  • It may actually be possible to buy happiness.  (Or at least it’s possible if your wife collaborates with both sides of the family at Christmas and you get a stack of gift cards and then can outwait your Verizon contract until mid-March.)
  • You can definitely buy happiness for a lot cheaper.  (I did it Tuesday night to celebrate my own official kickoff to spring.)
  • That thing that started yesterday at 12:15 is a pretty big deal, and if you don’t fill out a bracket then you’ve resigned yourself to uncool office status.