Yesterday my family and I had the privilege of going to lunch with Gaston and his family and Clayton King, who headlined this weekend’s Nexus Project and spoke at the Summit on Sunday morning.

As we were leaving the restaurant my eleven-year old, who has a thing for hobnobbing with the rich and powerful, said, “Dad, is Clayton King famous?”

I replied, “Well sure, he’s more famous than the Beatles.”



Then he said, “What about Carl Cartee?  Is he more famous than him?”

Since I’m pretty sure Carl has never and will never read this blog, I said, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s more famous than Carl Cartee.”

We kept driving for a few minutes, and then my son…my somewhat intelligent son who the last time I checked is in the gifted program…spoke again:

“Dad, is he more famous than Nelson Mandela?”