It’s been a while since I’ve given you a free-for-all download about what’s going on in my head, so let’s do that now.

Editor’s note: I just checked your file, and you’ve never given a free-for-all download.  Not that anyone is complaining.

Take two: I’ve never given you a free-for-all download about what’s going on in my head, so let’s do that now:

  • Last week one of our neighbors brought my wife a “starter bag” of some gooey batter stuff that would eventually morph into what’s known as Amish Friendship Bread.  After you make the bread, you’re supposed to pass a starter bag to someone else, and they tell two friends, and they tell two friends…and then everybody is friends with everybody and we all gather on a mountaintop and sing about how we’d like to teach the world to sing and we feed hungry children the bread.   Now let’s get two things straight: (1) our neighbor was really nice for bringing that over.  (2) The bread – once cooked – was really good.  But I couldn’t help but think of those chain letters of yesteryear or the current fad of sending someone a lame e-mail and adding “If you really love Jesus, you’ll pass this on” at the end.  I don’t need this kind of pressure in my life.  If I don’t pass along the friendship bread, nobody’s getting hurt.  Nothing bad will happen to me.  (Gosh, I hope nothing bad happens to me.)  But still…someone reading this is going to get their drawers in a wad because you didn’t get the starter bag.  I got one word for you: Panera.  No fuss, no mess, and the cinnamon crunch bagel is better than anything you’ll get from my house.  ‘Nuff said.
  • If you haven’t seen Spence’s post on the snake story, do it now.  I must issue a full disclaimer and tell you that I think the story is completely bogus.  There’s no way that’s true, but it makes for one heck of a sermon illustration.  Somebody Snopes that for me and get back to me.
  • Yesterday morning we sent off a few truckloads of stuff to the various ministries we partnered with for Day of Hope.  Summit peeps, you done good.  You showed the love of Jesus in a practical way…outstanding.
  • We had our first off-site Starting Point Marathon this past Sunday night.  Special thanks to Brian and Miguel and the crew at Danny’s BBQ here in Brier Creek for hosting us and for making me have a miserably full belly.  Thirty-two people plus our Starting Point team packed the place out.  If you want some great barbecue and not that other stuff, check out Danny’s and tell ’em Danny sent you.  (And then watch the confused looks on their faces as universes collide.)

Have a great Tuesday.