…that’s what we’re doing this Sunday.  At each of our campuses, we’re going to have tractor trailers, U-Hauls, pickups, and the occasional little red wagon for our Day of Hope.

As you’ve heard if you’ve been in worship over the last few Sundays, Day of Hope is where we’re giving the food off our tables and the clothes off our backs.  And if your wife is like my wife (I love you, Honey!), Saturdays are the days where you get the Supreme Honor of checking some things of the household to-do list.  

Not that I’m complaining.  

But the point is, some of you are going to be getting a jump start on spring cleaning and cleaning out your stuff on this cool and rainy weekend.  And some of your stuff is going to need to go straight to the dumpster.  Seriously.  Your “I Conquered the Big 96er” t-shirt from your chunky days as a competitive eater?  That sucker needs to go.  It’s got A-1 stains on it, for crying out loud.  Your parachute pants from Merry Go Round, circa 1985?  Let your kids laugh at ’em, and then trash ’em.

But you have some good stuff in your closets and storage sheds and under the bed and in your kitchen pantry, and you need to seriously consider bringing it to Day of Hope.  We’re partnering with ministries in the Triangle like Pregnancy Support Services, LifeCare Pregnancy Center, Raleigh Rescue Mission, and Durham Rescue Mission.  We want to back the truck up to their storage facilities and fill ’em up.

Now, I used the clothes illustration because I just wanted to give a shout out to Merry Go Round (I’ve never looked as cool as I did in 6th grade).  But in reality, baby clothes are the big need, as are diapers, furniture, canned goods, etc.  You can see a complete list – including how to package what you bring – here.

Bottom line: it’s true that we’re smack in the middle of our Believe project, but as we expand, we will remain true to our mission of serving the underserved in our community.  Pray about Day of Hope, participate in Day of Hope, and let’s be a blessing to the community.