As I’ve mentioned, last Saturday we held our Frontline event, where we bring in both seasoned and future volunteers and expose them to the major opportunities of service at the Summit.  I had the privilege of hanging out with nearly 100 people from our First Impressions team for the greater part of the morning and early afternoon.

One of my favorite parts of the training has always been to challenge people to dream…to ask the “What if?” questions.  (My friend Lanny has a blog called “What If?”  Donoho, you’re either gonna have to sue me for copyright infringement or get a more original name…because I don’t think I stole this from you.)

Anyway, the “What if?” questions always bring a lot of fun with them.  This time around, we put butcher paper and crayons on all the tables and asked everybody to free-form their “What ifs” throughout the morning.  Here’s a sample, and because I just can’t help myself, I’ve added commentary to a few of them…

  • What if…the music we were singing inside was broadcast outside from time to time?  (That’s never a bad idea…that way our guests know what kind of Bapticostal stuff they’re walking in to.)
  • What if…we had shuttle services from other parking lots?  
  • What if…we had recycling facilities on campus?
  • What if…we had a team to accompany the guests in the service, because some people come alone.  (This is a person who gets it…they understand the DNA of what we’re doing!)
  • What if…we had umbrella quivers for the parking crew to hand to the guests.  (I’m going to implement this idea just because I like saying “umbrella quiver.”)
  • What if…we had a church van to pick up the homeless?
  • What if…we create a team to escort single women in the evening campus? (I’m going to go out on a limb and say a single guy wrote this.)
  • What if…we create a team to look at the accessible issues for people with disabilities?
  • What if…Danny would wear brown socks instead of white with his brown shoes so he doesn’t distract my attention? (Yes, Jon Thommarson…I know it was you…and they WERE brown socks.  Or maybe beige.)

Can you see why I love serving with this group of people?  They’re creative.  They’re fun.  They think outside the box.  And they’re doing whatever it takes to make the Summit the friendliest venue in the Triangle area.

More on this topic later…I’m need to start Googling “umbrella quivers.”