Office 1Office 2

This is a view of my office after a busy Frontline / Starting Point weekend.  There comes a point on a weekend like this that you stop looking for places to put things, and just start kicking stuff to the side so you can shove more in.  (I didn’t include a picture of the hallway, where the blessings runneth over.)

I’m somewhat of a neat freak when it comes to my office (yes, I have piles, but they’re neat piles) so as you can imagine, this drives me up the wall.  I can handle this for a day or so, but not long-term.  So this week, one of my “big rocks” will be to get the office back in some manageable order.

The reason I like these pictures is because they represent forward movement at the Summit.  This pile o’ junk comes as a result of Frontline, where we had almost 100 people attend one of our First Impressions training sessions.  It represents Starting Point, Part 3, at the Brier Creek AM campus, where we had over 50 people in attendance.  And it represents our Starting Point Marathon at the Cole Mill Campus, which saw over 30 people taking their next step at the Summit.

So chaos is good, as long as chaos means stuff is happening.  But truly…I’d just like to kick a path to my desk.