I’m working on a thought.

Usually, when I say that, it means “I haven’t really thought this through, and if I were to take it to it’s logical conclusion I’d probably feel pretty foolish for beginning the thought in the first place.  But since I haven’t put up a new blog post since last Friday and some of you have begun to question my commitment, you should let me ramble, affirm me for using my cerebral cortex, and go on about your day.”

So before I give you my thought, I should tell you, I’m not the most green guy in the world.  You know, “green” as in, I eat my granola, I hug my tree, I recycle my Sunday worship guide.  

Some of my fellow staff members who shall remain anonymous would say that I’m the most un-green person they know.  They would say that I buy styrofoam coolers just so I can toss them out the window of my gas-guzzling, oil-burning car as I’m on my way to pick up a crate of spotted owls that I will proceed to shove down the throat of a baby seal.

I would argue that I’m getting greener.  You can’t live in the Triangle and not be.  I would give you specific examples, but I need to get back to creating my new office furniture made entirely out of recycled materials (baby seal pelts!) so I don’t have time.

But anyway, back to my thought: these politicians that want our votes…do they expect to run under the banner of “being green” when I see their stinkin’ political signs at every intersection, dotting every stretch of road, and nailed into every tree?  I’m just thinking (and again, it’s just a thought), how much more effective could they be if they just ran more ads on Facebook or some other tree-friendly medium?  Do they really need all those signs?

I’m just sayin’.