One of my mentors is fond of telling me that my desire for perfection always leads to procrastination.  Put another way, I want everything to fall into place before the big reveal.  That’s definitely been true this week.  On Monday morning, I had full intentions of posting some stats from Frontline.  But because I didn’t have all the numbers just yet, I punted until Tuesday.  On Tuesday, I began to think that maybe even if I didn’t have all the numbers, I should just post a little teaser.  By Wednesday and Thursday, I began to just murmer over and over comeONdoggoneityoujustneedtoputsomethingupwhat’sWRONGwithyou?!?  And now here it is Friday afternoon, when all of you have long stopped wasting time at the office and now you’re slipping out of the back door while your boss isn’t watching, and none of you will read this anyway.

See the dilemma?

So I’ll just share the following info with my strange cousin Benny, who has no life to experience this weekend and no job to sneak away from, and on top of that has a strange fixation with this blog and reads it regularly.  (Hi Benny!)

Frontline was an amazing success.  It was a night full of fun…if you could sit through some of that stuff and not wet your pants, I’d bet you weren’t wearing pants.  It was a night full of vision…even as a pastor who “knew what was coming,” I sat backstage in awe of a God who is letting me be a part of a church like this.  It was a night full of nasty red hot dogs…’nuff said.

By the time the smoke had cleared and the Saturday training was over, we had 700 current and potential volunteers in attendance.  A large number of those 700 were people who are really new to the Summit, so we definitely struck a chord leading up to the weekend.  On Saturday morning we had over 100 people who attended the First Impressions Training.  And this Sunday, a large number of those 100 will step up to serve on the First Impressions Team, many for the first time.

I never get tired of this stuff.

You say you missed Frontline?  Or you were there, but want to relive the experience?  Click here for what was…in my opinion…the most creative video of the night.  (That link will eventually have the whole enchilada from that night.)

If you are a First Impressions Team member and couldn’t make it to Saturday’s training that we called “Organic Hospitality,” you can listen to it in it’s entirety (minus the first 15 seconds) by clicking here.  (For those of you with an iPod but no sense on how to use it, you can also right click on the word “here” and download the mp3 file.)

Connective Tissue will be back in full swing next week…check back!