Yesterday the Summit took crazy to a whole new level.  For the first time, we attempted two different Starting Point events at two different campuses.  It was an all-day new people fest that left us completely drained and completely energized all at the same time. 

By day’s end, we saw 140 new people begin and/or finish the Starting Point process (as a comparison, our previous high was 98).  140 people.  In July.  Aren’t people supposed to be at the beach in July?  (And by the way, that’s just me counting heads as a normal person.  Factor in the pastoral count, and we had over 220.  Probably closer to 700.)

In case you’re excitement-impaired, let me tell you why this is something to get jazzed about.  First, we got to see God do some amazing stuff on Sunday.  When you do an event of this magnitude with no RSVP, you are taking some huge chances.  We’ve pushed it to the limit on more than one occasion, and yesterday was no exception:

We should have run out of food way before the last person was served.  But we didn’t.

We shouldn’t have had that many staff wives and other leaders “just happen” to show up to see if we needed extra table hosts.  But they did.

The Bay shouldn’t have held as many people as we crammed in there.  But they fit.

I should have had a nervous breakdown, started babbling incoherently, and curled up in a fetal position in the corner at the first thought of the overwhelming crowd.  It didn’t happen.

Once again, God provided in amazing ways.  And once again, I’m surprised that I was surprised.  I should know better by now.

Second, I watched our Table Hosts rise to the occasion yet again.  This is a batch of men and women who represent the Summit about as well as anyone I’ve ever seen.  They have given their lives to this ministry, and it shows.  Week after week, month after month, they lovingly walk our newest guests through this process and help them feel at home.  They love their job, because to them, it’s not a job.  It’s a ministry.  And they can’t imagine doing anything else.

Finally, we were able to see a new batch of people get really excited about what God is accomplishing at the Summit.  It never ceases to amaze me that talking about this stuff never gets old.  You can watch people’s faces as they realize that this is the place they want to get involved.  This is the place where they can plug in.  Some of them are going to become members.  Some of them are going to celebrate their new life in Christ through baptism.  Many will find a place to serve on a ministry team or find their community in a SummitLIFE group.

So Summit peeps, what does this mean for you?  As we say in Tennessee, it means you’d better scoot your booty.  New folks are coming, and it’s gonna be a huge fall season.

You say you’ve never attended Starting Point?  You can catch it again in just a few weeks.  Details here.